?? Dronehub Defines the Autonomous Drone Operations that Will Enable Next Level of Digital Transformation – an interview with Sebastian Babiarz

The terms “industry expert” and “drone visionary” are not ones we use lightly, but both absolutely apply to Sebastian Babiarz, whose insights related to airspace integration and work to foster entirely new drone ecosystems is unrivaled. As an illustration of his status in the industry, he has previously discussed the bridge between the telecommunication industry and drones as well as what it will mean to enable European-wide U-space drone implementation. His efforts and insights are especially relevant to highlight with the news that Babiarz has joined the Dronehub team.

Dronehub, as a drone-in-the-box solution, is focused on making automated solutions that can provide undisturbed drone service 24/7 in nearly any weather condition. Since 2017, when the first Dronehub prototype was created, the organization has been developing solutions for automated drone services in the area of security, monitoring and parcel deliveries. (…)

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