Amsterdam Drone Week Hybrid 2020 – Covid accelerated development of the drone industry.

Amsterdam Drone Week is the epicenter of the global UAV industry. This year we have the pleasure to participate in this event and showcase our Dronehub solution. Amsterdam Drone Week 2020 unites the brightest & most creative minds of the UAV Industry.

This edition was totally different than in previous years. It took a place completely online for delegates and partners. The meeting gathered more than 1,000 people from over 48 countries. Through an intelligent matchmaking platform large group of delegates, speakers, and partners were easily connected and met virtually during the event. More than 100 speakers were invited to participate, listen, and watch the conference. Actual and important topics were discussed such as:

  • Urban Air Mobility
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Safety & Security
  • Technology & Solutions, and Integrated Skies.

Thanks to CEDD – Central European Drones Demonstrator Dronehub was invited to the conference and represented Polish companies. At UAVery Polish panel industry experts discussed the possibilities of drone technology and its future. This gathering confirmed that the Polish UAV market has great potential to become a European leader in drone technology solutions.

Poland is best prepared for drone operations according to the newest DroneII report about Drone Regulations Insights. This is due to improvements in the operational scope of drone regulations and because of better integration of drones into their respective airspaces. In 2020 Poland has achieved one of the biggest scores in the Drone Readiness Index to implement drone services and digitalize UAV services.

Dronehub presented during Amsterdam Drone Week 2020

Our Founder and CEO, Vadym Melnyk presented the Dronehub solution and the company’s plans to expand on international markets. He shared the team’s aims to develop technological solutions that will replace physical operators with fully autonomous systems.

At Amsterdam Drone Week Vadym shared knowledge on current air solutions, potential innovations, and vital regulations. Thanks to this event we were able to create valuable connections with all key players in the industry. And will be able to cooperate with the brightest minds of the industry and build the future UAV ecosystem.

The drone industry is growing very fast

This event and its speakers proved and confirmed that the drone industry, despite the covid situation, is receiving huge investments. All because of its great potential. The industry experts highlighted that to continue this growth the cooperation between business, government and institutes are essential. The event was a great opportunity to speak about what is going on in the world of Unmanned Air Mobility.

Patrick Ky, Executive Director of EASA pointed out that the expected first delivery with drones in Europe will take place in 2023 or 2024. Drone taxis are expected to appear in the same year. Adina Iona Valean, the representative of the European Commissioner for Transport said that around EUR760 million of investment in drone start-ups has been recorded in the first six months of 2020 alone, 20 times more than for the whole of 2016. She states that drones were not affected by crisis like commercial aviation.

The key to achieving success is harmonization

One of the important topics discussed was law regulations. The most challenging aspect is to adopt new laws and regulations to the daily changing practice to create a safe and secure plan for the sky. The key point is to focus on accelerating the collaboration and innovation between innovators, industry experts, and governments. Last but not least topic during Amsterdam Drone Week included the role of cities and regions in the U-Space. The goal of the drone industry now is to get community acceptance and provide added value to the public.