Dronehub autonomous drones in a box solution received 2M PLN in late-seed funding

Dronehub autonomous drones in a box solution received 2M PLN in late-seed funding

Dronehub has raised 2M PLN in pre-seed funding, allowing it to scale its autonomous drone-in-a-box solution globally. This funding round was led by private investment groups. This investment round proves the thesis that today, in the time of the pandemic situation, drone industry investments are getting more and more popular.


The new investment round will enable Dronehub to further capitalize on its position as a leading innovator in an autonomous drone in a box solution and expand its global presence with new offices located in Singapore and the United Kingdom. Vadym Melnyk, CEO of Dronehub, says the investment will allow the company to develop software capabilities, gain international investors in future rounds, and prepare for round A.


“Drone software development is a key area of focus, and this investment means we have the resources to develop game-changing, advanced, and customer fit software that allow us to scale the whole infrastructure,” said Vadym Melnyk, CEO of Droneub.


The evolving hardware robotics as a service continues to grow to meet growing commercial, government, and military demand in the world. Dronehub offers complex drone infrastructure.


Designed and manufactured in Poland, Dronehub’s solution is made to perform the digital transformation of industries like Oil&Gas, Agriculture, Insurance, and Defense. This product includes autonomous systems with drones, docking stations, and AI-powered software. With the ability to deploy anywhere, the system takes off and land from a portable, rechargeable station without the need for on-site human intervention.