Drones to rescue wild and defenseless animals

Not only industry, not only services, not only safety and order on the streets of our cities but also the support of nature. Drones are increasingly used to protect endangered species, monitor their migrations, and fight poaching and illegal hunting.

One tech company has just announced the success of its lemur protection pilot program, which they have been running for more than 2 years in Madagascar. As we read at Bloomberg, “the drone would fly over large areas of otherwise inaccessible marshes and detect the lemurs from their body heat, making them much easier to spot and allowing the team to obtain more accurate estimates of their population size. In a single 20-minute flight, the drone was able to cover a greater area of ​​the marsh than a canoe team could cover in two days, hugely increasing the efficiency of the surveys “.

As the entire UAV community, we are very glad to see that our technologies are not only applicable in the commercial sector but also contribute to the protection of our planet and nature.

It is worth emphasizing that the beginnings of the Dronehub company are derived from the desire to help the natural environment against inglorious human activity. The founder and CEO of Dronehub, Vadym Melnyk, donated an award from one of the first competitions for young IT scientists he won to create a drone system that would support nature. The intention was to monitor wild Africa to identify any hazards like fire or rhino poachers.

“The use of drones is very wide because they are devices with unlimited possibilities. As humanity, we have done a lot of harm to nature, so we have a debt to pay to our planet. The use of drones to monitor the life of wild animals, keep them safe, protect their natural living conditions, and fight poachers are part of paying off this debt. I am proud that as the UAV industry we can translate our innovative drone solutions into activities for the benefit of mankind” – says Vadym Melnyk, founder, and CEO of Dronehub.