More forecasts showing the power of the drones sector – the market will reach USD 41.4 bn by 2026

Drones industry will be growing at the pace of 9,4% y/y which means that drones are on their way to becoming a USD 41,4 billion industry by 2026 – says a newly released report by Drone Industry Insights.

“Currently, commercial drones are used in a vast majority of industries. According to the Drone Market Report, the drone applications in the Energy industry are on a path to earn just under USD 5,9 billion throughout the globe. Other industries such as Construction and Agriculture are not far behind, and some industries related to warehousing and insurance will grow at a more rapid pace in the next 5 years” – reads the report’s description.

Recently, the same source said that investment into the drone industry in 2020 grasped USD 2,3 bn and doubled the result from the record-high 2019 (read more on our blog).

“The report is another credible and reliable source showing how huge the leap will be for the entire drone industry in the coming years. According to the report – what is especially important from the point of view of our company Dronehub – drone services, such as mapping and inspections among dozens of others, represent roughly 78% of global drone-related revenue and are the main driving force in the market. And this is the direction in which Dronehub is developing “- says Łukasz Chaciński, vice-president of Government Relations & Integration at Dronehub.

What are the other main takeaways from the recent report? Just take a quick look:

  • Global drone market size is forecast to reach US$41.3B by 2026 at 9.4% CAGR.
  • Drone services will remain the biggest segment with Hardware growing rapidly.
  • Energy remains the Industry with the highest adoption of drones, though Cargo, Courier Services, Intralogistics and Warehousing have the highest CAGR.
  • Mapping & Surveying is and will remain the top application of drones, followed by Inspection as well as Photography & Filming.
  • Unit sales will grow from 828 thousand in 2021 to almost 1.4 million in 2026 at 10.6% CAGR

Such positive forecasts are good news for our industry, especially in the period of such high uncertainty and tensions in the global economy, including in the manufacturing and services sectors. We are proud that as Dronehub – the provider of innovative drone-in-a-box solutions – we are adding our brick to creating a stable, crisis-resistant drone market.

Report source: Drone Industry Insights