Oil & Gas

Drones, along with the Dronehub docking station allow rapid and remote inspection of the refinery objects, without stopping the worker’s job. Drone-based routine inspection improves efficiency and optimizes the time inspection. UAV could get closer to inspect particular parts of the infrastructure than traditional methods.

Key Benefits

  • UAV identifies threats and suspicious quickly thanks to advanced sensors and cameras. This allows us to keep safety on the highest level.
  • Reduction of hazardous working hours
  • Better quality of investigations
  • 50 percent reduction in inspection costs
  • Cost reduction. Gathering critical data costs less than traditional inspecting methods (ground crew or helicopters)
  • Increased safety of workers. Drone inspection allows people to not be exposed to many dangerous operations
  • With a wide range of cameras and sensors, drones can collect various data critical for the industry. Dronehub enables us to collect data in real-time, but also for later verification.
  • Thanks to AI solutions the data stored in the drone could be reviewed for analysis and work optimization to make better, data-driven decisions.
  • Drones reduce the working hours involved in investigations as the process involves just a few people rather than the whole inspection team.



Surveying & Mapping

Security & Emergency response

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