The drone industry speaks louder and louder – Dronehub CEO gave a speech during the 13th European Economic Congress.

The scale of our company’s development and innovative approach to business goes far beyond the drone sector. Once again, the Dronehub CEO was invited to share his vision of the technological world at a prestigious economic event. This time, Vadym Melnyk took part in an expert panel during the 13th European Economic Congress – the biggest business event of Central and Eastern Europe.

It is important for the entire drone industry that at such a large economic event there is a large segment dedicated to drones. This proves the growing role of UAVs in the Polish and world economy. The Congress was opened by the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. The event was attended by current and former ministers and prime ministers, as well as CEOs of the largest public and private institutions in Poland and the region. The audience present in the conference room and following the event online could also listen to the speech of the Dronehub CEO, Vadym Melnyk.


During the panel “Drone technologies in digital reality”, experts discussed the role of UAVs in building a modern economy and modern enterprises. Vadym introduced to the audience a medical supply project that Dronehub implements in Sosnowiec in October, together with, among others the Łukasiewicz – Institute of Aviation (read more here).

“I am very excited that this project is about to start because we started talking about it 4 years ago when there was not only the right regulations but the technology. Ultimately, we want the end-user not to deal with the issue of regulations at all. We strive to make the regulations and business needs in the field of drones real” – said Vadym during the panel.


The European Economic Congress in Katowice is one of the most important economic events in the calendars of economists, entrepreneurs and scientists in the region. The 13th European Economic Congress and 6th European Tech and Start-up Days gathered over 100 debates with 500 speakers during three days, nearly 9,000 registered participants, including 5,700 participating in person in the International Congress Center in Katowice. They reported on thematic sessions and accompanying events representatives of over 100 media outlets.

“A few years ago, companies wanted drones because it was evidence of the company’s innovation. Today, a drone is just a tool, and the biggest obstacle in their implementation is the “protein interface” – a human, an operator. We create solutions to eliminate this “protein interface”. Our solutions do not require human intervention or human work. We create solutions that allow the drone to take off, fly by itself, deliver data to the recipient and return to the docking station, a hub, where the machine will replace its batteries, charge the old ones and prepare the drone for the next flight. Everything without human intervention” – often says Vadym, and a similar opinion he shared during the panel.

We don’t make drones. Metaphorically, I can say that Dronehub is a company that is a gas station for drones” – concluded Vadym.

The annual European Economic Congress in Katowice is one of the two largest economic and political events in Central and Eastern Europe. The Economic Forum in Krynica also enjoys great popularity and the attention of observers. This year, Vadym Melnyk spoke at both events. The voice of the industry is becoming more and more heard, and drones have an increasingly important position in creating the economic world – both in practical use in service processes and during public debates. Here is a report from Vadym’s speech during a panel at the Economic Forum in Krynica.


“When we talked to the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development two years ago about building a Dronehub factory to produce our hubs and automatic drones, they looked at us as we were insane. They said it was not the moment. Two years have passed – today we are signing a contract with them to build a factory in Rzeszów. This shows that public administration, the market, and customers are maturing to drones” – said Vadym Melnyk during the panel at EEC in Katowice.

“Polish producers have a chance to occupy a niche in the market. We lost the first phase of the development of drones, human-controlled drones, which was dominated by DJI and other Chinese companies. But now the market for automated drone services is growing. And in this second stage of drone development – autonomous drones – there is no hegemon yet and every company, including Polish companies, has a great chance to exist and build positions. Here DJI has no competitive advantage” – added Vadym Melnyk at the 13th European Economic Congress in Katowice.