?? First test flight for EU project on drone movements underway in Poland


The flights in Poland are carried out by Dronehub – the European leader in the drone-in-a-box systems – with the support of Honeywell, which provides equipment and sensors for drones, and the Altitude Angel, responsible for the software. (…)

“It is a big thing that Poland adds not a small brick, but a whole pillar to the construction of urban air mobility throughout the European Union. Based on the results of, inter alia, our flights over Rzeszów, guidelines for drone flights will be developed, as drones in the near future will become a common sight over the European cities. So, we feel a great responsibility, but also an honour, that first demo flights are starting here in Rzeszów, Poland,” said Vadym Melnyk, founder and CEO of Dronehub. (…)

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