Dronehub and RCS Engineering – innovative property security
system with drones.


RSC Engineering is a supplier of innovative teletechnical solutions
related to the safety of people and property. The company specializes in perimeter protection of facilities with the use of wireless detectors mounted on a fence.

RCS Engineering integrates its technology with Dronehub to create an innovative monitoring and security system based on breach detectors that trigger an autonomous control raid of the drone. The integration of both companies will consist of combining the drone solutions provided by Dronehub with the building
infrastructure management software with which RCS Engineering is integrated.

  • The solution improves the level of security and reduces the cost of protecting the industrial and critical facilities.
  • Increase the security of the facility while reducing costs and human labor.
  • Allows managing accidents and information from various systems and buildings in one coherent interface.
  • Increase the safety of facilities, significantly reducing the risk of adverse events, such as fire or burglary.