?? The Uspace4UAM project, enabling air mobility for cities throughout the EU, presented in Poland

In the last days of August, Rzeszów, southern Poland, played the role of the European capital of drone systems that will be used by public services in cities throughout the European Union. Here took place the theoretical and practical presentation of the Uspace4UAM project, which will ultimately create an effective system for the use of drones in the urban area of the EU.

The Uspace4UAM project is an element of the implementation of the Urban Air Mobility concept in the EU skies. The project is commissioned by the EU body SESAR Joint Undertaking), which implements solutions supporting sustainable aviation. Drone flights over Poland therefore contribute to the development of EU-wide regulations and systems that will allow in the coming years to increase the number of flights by aircraft – including drones – in the EU skies, while improving safety.

“Uspace4UAM is successfully demonstrating an important piece of the UAM puzzle by flying an innovative drone deployment system, which has a clear and sought-after business case. By managing these flights with a highly capable U-space system the project clearly shows how selected Urban Air Mobility operations could be safely managed alongside manned aviation” – said SESAR Joint Undertaking representative Robin Garrity during the presentation.


“Thanks to these flights, Dronehub engineers can properly adjust the technology – both the drones and software – to the real city conditions and to the needs of public services. Over a year of work on this project allows us to develop recommendations and conclusions that will contribute to the creation of an effective system of using drones by cities throughout the EU” – recalled the CEO and founder of Dronehub, Vadym Melnyk.

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