Dronehub booklet

Dronehub makes steps towards autonomous drone operations and industry automation. Read the brochure to get more information and see how Dronehub works.

Specification sheet - hub

The Dronehub's data sheet should give you an overview of the hub’s key features and a few critical specs that falls short of your needs, or stated compliance of an industry standard.

Case Study - Dronehub in Cities

Case study - usability of the Dronehub system for cities and towns. Check what functionalities Dronehub could provide in the city area.

Dronehub for Photovoltaic farms

Case study - usability of the Dronehub system on solar farms. The Dronehub system is complementing the human factor in the management and operation of solar farms.

Dronehub for offshore wind inspection

Offshore wind farms can’t ignore those trends - drones are becoming absolutely indispensable equipment for servicing, maintaining, and monitoring turbines.