An innovative property security system based on drone technology is coming

In partnership with a provider of telecommunication solutions related to security, Dronehub will create an innovative monitoring and security system based on breach detectors that trigger an autonomous control raid of the drone.

The main aim of integrating our technologies? Improving the level of security and reducing the cost of protecting the facilities.

This is another example of Dronehub’s innovative approach showing that a properly designed drone system – both software and hardware – can do the job for a human being.

Our partner, RSC Engineering company, is a supplier of innovative teletechnical solutions related to the safety of people and property. The company specializes in perimeter protection of facilities with the use of wireless detectors mounted on a fence.

Dronehub founder and CEO, Vadym Melnyk, underlines that cooperation with RCS Engineering is another step in the development for Dronehub and a confirmation that the future in the monitoring of industrial and private areas is technology based on drones.

The systems of both companies are based on modern technology, autonomy and extraordinary functionality – the integration of these systems will create a completely new quality and opportunities in the facility and property protection industry” – adds Vadym Melnyk, founder and CEO of Dronehub.

This innovative solution will increase the security of the facility while reducing costs and human labor.
The integration of both companies will consist of combining the drone solutions provided by Dronehub with the building infrastructure management software with which RCS Engineering is integrated.

How will the entire system work?

Sensors placed e.g. in a fence will alert you to any irregularities related to the violation of the security of the area. The signal will be received by the drone, which will autonomously direct itself to the indicated place and send the image and information about the security breach to the application. This will allow manual workers to take appropriate security measures.

The security systems used by RCS Engineering allow to manage accidents and information from various systems and buildings in one coherent interface. These solutions increase the safety of facilities, significantly reducing the risk of adverse events, such as fire or burglary.

Don’t forget who we are and what we do. Dronehub is a European leader in comprehensive drone-in-a-box solutions, which include drones, drone infrastructure and AI-powered software. It is the only manufacturer in the world that offers monitoring, inspection and measurement system, cargo transport system and mobile ground infrastructure. It is also the world’s first and the only European producer of a docking station with automatic battery replacement in a drone. Thanks to this innovative solution, drones can perform missions 24/7 without human intervention.