“Financial Times”: Dronehub 2nd Europe’s fastest-growing company in its sector

Every year, the “Financial Times” magazine prepares a list of the fastest growing companies in Europe and highlights the top 1000. In the latest ranking, Dronehub was ranked 220th overall and 2nd in the “Aerospace & Defense” industry.

The ranking lists those European companies that achieved the highest compound annual growth rate in revenue between 2018 and 2021.

We were ranked 2nd by the sector, 12th by the country and 220th in total.

“For start-ups, each year is a completely new challenge – after a year of high growth, a period of decrease in revenues and profits can quickly come. That is why the systematic, gradual development of small businesses is so important” – says Vadym Melnyk, Dronehub CEO and founder. 

“And that’s what we’ve managed to achieve, which is confirmed by the Financial Times ranking. It takes into account the cumulative value of growth over 3 years, not one single year” – he adds.

We are also proud that the number of Polish companies is growing rapidly. In the last edition of the “FT” ranking, 34 companies from Poland were listed, now – 48! By country – the largest number of companies in the top-1000 come from Italy (260), Germany (217) and the UK (155).

“In this year’s FT1000 ranking, 356 of the companies featured were also ranked last year, and 125 have been in the list for three consecutive years” – reads the report.