Experts endorse our development plans – we got USD 1.9m grant from NCBR!

We are more than happy to inform, that the consortium led by Dronehub received funding from the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) from Poland. Thanks to the USD 1.9 million grant we will create a mobile drone infrastructure for automatic orthophotos.

At Dronehub we already know, that the world and technology are rushing forward and performing measurements or inspections of large industrial areas by humans is already a waste of money and time. Isn’t it?

Thanks to the grant, we will improve our system, in which these processes are carried out fully autonomously by drones, without the need to involve an operator” – says Dronehub founder and CEO Vadym Melnyk.

The grant was awarded by the National Centre for Research and Development (Poland). The exact grant value is PLN 6.885.000, which is equivalent to USD 1.852.700 or EUR 1.537.400.

In addition, we will develop extremely precise algorithms thanks to which the drone carrying out the mission will be able to use the docking station when it is moving, at a speed of up to 30 km/h. This is another step towards saving time and optimizing the monitoring and inspection processes” – adds Melnyk.

The project involves the development of a system for creating orthophotos by drones as well as for transfering and archiving the collected data. The project will develop an innovative solution enabling drone to use the docking station when it is in motion. Thanks to this, drone will be able to carry out take-offs and landings, as well as replace or recharge the battery, without wasting time for returning to a stationary docking station. Solutions offered by Dronehub allows the drones to perform missions without human interference and 24/7 mode.

The solution will be used mainly in industry and agriculture for monitoring, inspection and measurement.

The project is scheduled for 25 months – from February 2021 until February 2023. The consortium led by Dronehub also includes Concept Sp. z o.o.