Our defense drone system aroused interest at the 29th Defense Industry Exhibition MSPO

The 29th International Defense Industry Exhibition (MSPO) in Kielce, Poland was another opportunity to present drone solutions prepared by engineers and specialists from the Dronehub team. Together with our partner – the Air Force Institute of Technology (ITWL) – we introduced the Dronehub-Tytrax ITWL system.

The Dronehub-Tytrax ITWL system consists of three components – the Tytrax drone designed by ITWL and a docking station and proprietary software based on Artificial Intelligence provided by Dronehub. We create autonomous solutions, which means that our system does not need an operator to carry out the mission – the entire flight path of the Tytrax drone produced by ITWL is pre-programmed so that you do not need to use additional human work.

“The issue of security is particularly important in the defense industry, as soldiers and civilian workers – like operators or engineers – are exposed to additional risks during military missions. The benefits of using our solutions also include real-time data analysis, making key decisions based on the data received, the so-called data-driven decisions, elimination of human errors, repetitive work and broadly understood automation” – says Łukasz Chaciński, Dronehub Member of the Supervisory Board and vice-president of Government Relations & Integration.

For 29 years, the September International Defense Industry Exhibition (MSPO) has been the presentation arena for defense industry companies from all corners of the world.

Not only is MSPO a comprehensive presentation of military equipment, but it also abounds with business meetings and contracts concluded between manufacturers from different continents and the defense sector bodies. MSPO is ranked third among all Europe’s exhibitions, after the Paris and London trade shows. This year’s MSPO was held from 7 to 10 September 2021.

During the 4-day trade fair and presentation of our system, the Dronehub team members had preliminary talks on cooperation with representatives of the Ministry of National Defense, public security services, and institutions related to the military sector. The Dronehub-Tytrax ITWL system also aroused the interest of foreign guests.

“The great interest in our system shows that we properly assess the needs of the defense market and offer valuable solutions that increase the operational efficiency of defense services, security services, and the army” – claims Łukasz Chaciński.

The effect of using the Dronehub-Tytrax ITWL system is the optimization of many processes that are performed by a human or even entire teams of employees. Tasks such as measurements, monitoring, inspections, orthophoto maps creation are time-consuming, labor-intensive, prone to human errors, and often endanger human health or even life. Meanwhile, a single drone is enough, which autonomously – i.e. independently, without human interference – will do the same job much faster, safer, and more accurately. He will photograph, measure, collect and process data, also from places that are difficult to reach for humans, such as critical industrial infrastructure at high altitudes or military infrastructure.

“The Tytrax drone with the docking station and Dronehub software can also perform protective tasks – monitor the area, signal violations of property, acts of vandalism or intrusions into a closed area, transmit voice messages, and track the movements of a person or a vehicle that broke into a closed area” – explains Łukasz Chaciński.

Thanks to the use of the Dronehub docking station – acting as a hangar and charger for the Tytrax drone – and appropriate software, the drone operates independently at all stages of the mission, without the need to involve a human being.

 Alongside the MSPO Defense Industry Exhibition, there was another global-ranged event in Poland in which Dronehub representatives took an active part. Read more here about Dronehub CEO Vadym Melnyk’s role during the Economic Forum – the largest business and political event in Central and Eastern Europe.