We are relocating and aiming really high – new Warsaw office, here we go.

We are changing our Warsaw address. Along with the fast development of our company and higher and higher flights of our UAVs, we had decided to relocate. Since February you can find us in the prestigious Varso Place complex (Chmielna St. 73, Warsaw). The complex consists of three buildings, one of which – the Varso Tower – is 310 meters high. That makes it the tallest office building in the European Union.

Relocation to such a prestigious office complex as Varso Place is the next step in the development of our company. As an innovative company providing modern drone infrastructure, we are always looking for the most innovative and effective solutions” – says Vadym Melnyk, our founder, and CEO.

Thanks to the relocation, Dronehub is now at the very center of the Polish business, start-ups and innovative environment. The Dronehub office is part of the Cambridge Innovation Center (CICWarsaw), which works with powerful, local partners to develop the critical networks that entrepreneurs need to grow effectively. So far, over 6,5k companies have had their HQ at the CICaround the world, including such giants as Microsoft, IBM, LOréal, or Amazon.

This is the path we want to follow” – adds Melnyk.

Feel free to visit us anytime – just drop us a message in advance, so we can buy cookies and prepare a presentation about Dronehub and its exceptional skills.

Dronehub’s headquarters, including the production part, remains in the Aeropolis complex inJasionka near Rzeszów.

Let us remind you what Dronehub is. We are a European leader in comprehensive drone-in-a-box solutions. It is the only manufacturer in the world to provide a docking station that enables automatic battery replacement in a drone and missions 24/7 without human intervention. Dronehub solutions are designed for monitoring, inspection, and measurement in industry and agriculture.