Slide The ecosystem of autonomous drones, ground infrastructure and AI software designed to optimize monitoring & data collection How it works?



Dronehub helps industries to collect real-time precise aerial data, process it, and automate operations.

We build an ecosystem of autonomous drones, ground infrastructure, and AI-powered software to transform visual data into  actionable business insights.

Our system consists of 3 parts:






Our solution has been tested and proven to have unique applications and capabilities. It covers the functionality of the automated mission and data collection for a wide range of industries.


Dronehub ensures privacy, safety, security & environmental protection. It is designed to safely & securely protect critical areas.


Dronehub offers a competitive advantage for traditional monitoring and data collection process through the ability to deliver precise and accurate data that drives your business.

Intelligent Cloud Platform
Scheduled & On-Demand Missions
Autonomous Flight Without Operator
Scalable Ecosystem
Mobile Platform
Ready to Use 24/7/365T
Integration with 3rd Party Solution Providers
Customizable Software
Scalable Ecosystem
Mobile Platform
Ready to Use 24/7/365T
Customizable Software
Autonomous Flight Without Operator
Intelligent Cloud Platform
Integration with 3rd Party Solution Providers
Scheduled & On-Demand Missions

Changing your industry with



We have developed a hub for drones to enable fully automated missions, conduct on-demand tasks, and fly intelligently to collect aerial data, improve security and visual data using autonomous drones in complex industrial environments.

Dronehub helps companies with large infrastructure to reduce monitoring costs, get real-time aerial data, and exclude the human factor.

Flight time

45 min

Flight time using hub


Battery exchange

2 min


+/- 40°C

Operation mode



  • Multiple exchangeable sensors (RGB, thermal, multispectral, smoke and radiation detectors, LiDAR, etc)
  • VLOS operator is not needed
  • Ready for 24/7 missions
  • Industry graded security communication protocols
  • Flight time up to 45 minutes
  • Operational in extreme weather conditions (rain, snow, high wind)
  • LTE+ communication (5G ready)
  • The powerful real-time processing platform
  • Lifetime service included


  • Robust design
  • Easy to install
  • Mobile and easy to transport
  • Secured against intrusion
  • Operational in extreme weather conditions
  • Ready to operate 24/7 missions
  • Low power consumption (gridless option on demand)
  • Battery exchange system


  • Customizable workflow business logic for drone operations
  • AI-based geofencing
  • HD real-time video and data stream
  • Storage for data from different sensors (RGB, thermal, multispectral, smoke and radiation detectors, LiDAR, etc)
  • Integration with 3rd party solution providers
  • Can be deployed in the cloud or client’s server infrastructure
  • Enhanced security protocols & end-2-end encryption
  • Integration with UTM providers
  • AI-based object recognition
  • Advanced reports and actionable business insights

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